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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 6, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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dictators and horror shows that were happening all over the world. just remember the truth. and everything will be okay. we'll stick together. from new york, see you tomorrow. tomorrow. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc next on special report, new information reveals alarming number of detainees released from guantanamo bay take up arms again, against the u.s. democrats lose a second senator in two days. we will have fox team coverage on who is quitting, why and what it means for this fall's election. the i.r.s. prepares to take a closer look at your tax preparer. all that, plus the fox all-stars right here, right now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: from washington, i'm
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bret baier. new report says terror suspects released from guantanamo bay prison are much more likely to return to the old ways than we thought. national correspondent catherine herridge look at the numbers and what they mean. >> reporter: at least one in five detainees has returned or is suspected of returning to the battlefield according to three knowledgeable sources familiar with the pent review. this is a significant jump from april when pentagon officials confirmed one in seven detainees was back in the fight or 14%. pentagon spokesman would not comment directly on the report because it's classified but after being peppered with questions he did not deny the rate is climbing. >> we have done two reports we released publicly. one showed at 11% and another showed at 14%. i don't think the trend reversed itself. >> reporter: it's now documented for those with al-qaeda of arabian peninsula.
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this was aqap that claimed responsibility for attempted bombing of flight 253 christmas day. once seen as a regional player in the last year, u.s. officials say aqap expanded operations. there was this suicide bombing in iraq in the spring of 2008 where kuwaiti man al ajmi blew himself up. accused of being lowly taliban fighter, after four years at grit he was propelled to act. >> if you hold people on years upon years with no hope of any outcome favorable to them, i think you tend to put in their own minds this idea of becoming a radical. even if they weren't to begin with, they are now. >> reporter: critics say they're sitting on the guantanamo data because it's more bad news, at a time ep closing the milita mil closing the facility by 2010 is in doubt. one report tells fox that the report was finished as early as november according to one source but the administration
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has yet to make it public. senior official said to fox tonight there has not been any delay and the pentagon is in the process of releasing it. adding that there is no new intelligence suggesting any detainees released on president obama's watch have returned to the battlefield. bret? >> bret: interesting. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: a federal grand jury in michigan has indicted the nigerian man on charges of trying to blow up that airliner on christmas dday. umar farouk abdulmutallab is charged. he was subdued by the passengers and the crew after trying to blow up the airliner. the state department announced they've revoked umar farouk abdulmutallab's visa. the fail-out from the attempt and the government failure to see it coming continues to have many here in washington calling for changes in approach or in personnel. senior white house correspondent major garrett has the story. >> reporter: president obama talked up mentors and
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education but the unmistakable white house focus is reforming the flaws at the heart of the flight 253 failures. mr. obama chief counterterrorism advisor john brennan will deliver unclassified report tomorrow on the botched intelligence. >> the view will simply identify and make recommendations as to what was lacking and what needs to be strengthened. in yesterday's meeting, each agency and department took responsibility for their aspect of the systemic failure. >> the white house will not rule out firings or resignations. this brennan's report they pave the way by exposing the egregious breakdown. michael chertoff told fox individuals, not the system, are to blame. >> someone should have given the order to have the system run against the data points. >> chertoff defended his successor at homeland security janet napolitano. >> the problem doesn't lie with her and her department. it lies with the intelligence
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fusion process. >> reporter: but they say someone has to take the fall. >> i think the president will take severe action against one, two, or three people or revamp the structure of the intelligence apparatus. >> dennis blair director of the national intelligence, agency to coordinate the kind of intelligence left unshared in the christmas bombing plot said his team must outthink, outwork and defeat terrorists. the chairman of the joints chief of staff agrees. >> the direction we receive from the president, we have to learn the lesson and make it better. >> the government in yemen rejected the foreign troops to help it fight against al-qaeda. yemen stepped up the military training to confront the year's old terrorist threat. the white house implied today the battle undermines yemen ability to secure any more yemeni nationals they once considered releasing from guantanamo bay. >> we never had a plan to transfer yemenis back to
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their country if they were not capable of handling the transfer. >> reporter: back to the question that hangs over this, will anyone lose his or her job? the white house says not tomorrow but maybe later. >> bret: major garrett live on the north lawn. thank you. new jersey democratic senator robert mendez says sunday's security breach shaken the confidence of the american public. port authority says the federal agents were not immediately able to retrieve images of a man entering through an exit door because the surveillance cameras were not recording. only streaming live pictures. tsa officer on the commit was on a cell phone at the time. flights at newark were halted for six hours. checking news around the world. intelligence officials say two suspected u.s. drone strikes, missile strikes killed at least 12 people in north american pakistan. the first attack was on a safehouse in the region believed to be home to several militant groups. the second occurred as locals
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were going through the rubble at that location. iran is said to be moving more and more of its nuclear program underground. satellite images and information from iran's main opposition group indicate the country's network of tunnels is growing. fox news foreign affairs analyst on what is inside those tunnels. >> these tunnels are heavily fortify and well equipped that they can sustain basically all kind of attack s but also they can include and hide an extensive set of operation activities. they have water, they have ventilation, they have electricity. you can have a huge facility move underground to the tunnels. >> bret: much more on iran in tonight's online show. you may be wondering why the president and the first lady are showing up in advertising
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posters. we tell you a bit later. but up next, two democratic senators in two days say they are leaving congress. we will look at what is happening and why. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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>> bret: tonight on america's election headquarters, one of the most powerful senators on capitol hill says the moment has come for him to step aside. connecticut democrat chris dodd, chairman of the banking committee, announced today he will not seek re-election this fall. we have fox team coverage tonight. correspondent shannon bream reports on the increasing of roster of democrats bowing out. senator political analyst brit hume looks at what is behind the exodus and we begin with eric shawn live in connecticut, where dodd made the announcement today. good evening, eric. >> good evening, bret. he is 65 years old. he's served longer in the senate from the state than anyone. five terms. even more than his father who represent represent ed connecticut. but tonight, chris dodd admits he's in toughest
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political shape of his career. that's why he's pulling the plug. >> five times since 1980, chris dodd emerged on the steps of the quaint schoolhouse home to announce his candidacy. this time it was declare he's bowing out. >> what is different about today, however, is not to announce the beginning of the campaign for the senate, but rather to announce after 35 years of representing the people of connecticut and the united states congress, will not be a candidate for re-election. >> reporter: senator dodd's decision comes as one-third nutmeg state voters would back him, largely because of controversy over the financial dealings. critics claim he got two preferential mortgages from countrywide financial but he denied the special treatment. and voters were angered by the stimulus bill that helped aig executives get millions in bonus. he received more campaign contributions from aig than any other politicians.
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he alluded to it only briefly. >> there are some of you questioning my confidence. i regret that. >> reporter: the state's popular attorney general richard blumenthal announced he is running for dodd's seat. >> i look forward to being an advocate and fighter of the united states senator. much as i have been at attorney general. >> simmons was leading dodd in the polls and linda mcmahon has vowed to spend $30 million on the race. state republicans say dodd lost touch. >> he lost the trust of the connecticut voters. >> well dodd says he will continue to help revamp the financial system through the rest of the year and he took over senator kennedy's panel that shepherd through the healthcare reform bill and says an hour after the vote on christmas eve he visited senator kennedy's grave at arlington the pay tribute. they were close friends as well as colleagues. he also called it pathetic when the politician says he's retiring to spend more time
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with his family. but admits he'll do just that. they have two young children, two girls. eight and four years old. >> bret: eric shawn live in connecticut tonight. thank you. dodd has company, as he heads for the political sidelines. shannon bream has that part of the story. good evening. >> hi, bret. in less than 24 hours democrats bailed out of four key races leaving the party scrambling to explain away what appears to be a trend and looking for replacement candidates to enter the 2010 fray. >> the work to make our nation a perfect union began before i was elected to the senate and it will go on long after i'm gone. >> with senator chris dodd of connecticut the second democrat in less than 24 hours to announce he will not run for re-election, the question becomes whether democrats will continue running the show. >> the obama administration is known for a long time will never, i mean never have 60 votes in the senate again. >> without the democratic supermajority, key policy
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reforms proposed by the administration, many of which have sputtered even as democrats held the white house and both houses of congress will meet with much tougher resistance. but democrats are downplaying the back-to-back announcement from dodd in north carolina's byron dorgan saying they do not represent a trend. >> these are personal decisions about this point in their life, their families and a decision to ultimately choose new opportunity in their personal lives. >> the republicans say it's put the democrats on the defensive. and given the heated backlash many suffered from the constituents it makes sense to back out. analysts from both sides of the aisle admit there is trouble brewing for the democrats. >> i think we're facing what could be a potential tsunami. >> the republicans are waxing up the surfboard and ready to ride the tsunami out there. >> the key democrats are also stepping aside at the state level. >> it's my family who
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sacrificed the most. >> bill ritter who has been trailing his challenger announced he will not run this fall. michigan gubernatorial front runner lieutenant governor is also bowing out saying he just hasn't been able to raise enough money. >> does it say that times are tough right now for democrats? yes. but does it mean it will be tough in 2010? absolutely not. >> democrats say there is a silver lining and says it gives them opportunity to run stronger candidates as the more vulnerable democrats step aside. >> thank you. the bat to replace the late massachusetts senator ted kennedy appears to be tightening. a new ramussen report poll has scott brown nine points behind martha cokely, 50 to 41%. earlier surveys by other pollsters had coakley ahead by 31 points. tomorrow, vicky kennedy, the widow to the late senator will endorse coakley.
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republican national committee coffers are down reportedly after spending $13 million last year on winning governors' races in virginia and new jersey. the hill reports that the committee has less than $9 million in the bank heading to this year's election cycle, down from almost $23 million when party chairman michael steele took over a year ago. party statement says steele was handed a budget with few financial resources committed to this year but will have $8 million in the bank, heading to 2010 with no debt. many analysts think republicans are poised to make big gains in this fall's election. fox senior political analyst brit hume looks at some of the reasons why, perhaps. good evening. >> hi, bret. so senators dodd and dorgan head for the exits carried in part by the political wins that have shifted more in the past year than in any such period in recent memory. the winds could hardly have been stronger at the president's bam as he took office a year ago and they propelled his party to huge majority in congress. what drove this was the near collapse of the banking system and the on set of the
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severe recession. the president had a free hand to fix the problems with the only requirement being that his remedy be effective. what an opportunity. a year later the economy is limping in spite of $800 spending bill that was waste-laden and not a single house republican felt comp compelled to vote for it and only three did in the senator one of them arlen spector is now a democrat. it's utterly failed to keep the unemployment at the level that the white house wanted. but the president then proceeded to spend the balance of the year to restructure the nation healthcare system in a way that not even the political left now seems to like. and has had nothing to do with reviving the economy. the president's job approval rating has crashed. congress' slid in the 20s. the republicans who have done little besides vote no are leading in most polls on the question of which party is preferred for congress. what a political disaster and in only a year. bret? >> bret: do you think it's possible that republicans could blow this, you know,
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opportunity that is shaping up for it? >> i wouldn't rule it out. but remember the republicans don't have the ball, they don't have any piece of the ball. they don't have the ability to do anything but resist. they're not in the condition to get much blame for the conditions going forward. i would help them to unite behind a popular agenda. perhaps they will. >> thanks. >> you bet. >> bret: further analysis from the all-star panel later in the show. plus, check out "special report" online. we'll look at the states in play. log on foxnews.c receive instant feedback from me and the panelist. in this break, log on and vote online for your topic for the friday lightning round. all these things to do! the red tape they soon get stickier for folks who do your taxes. speaking of money, we'll look at the differences between the house and senate on how to pay for healthcare reform. ugcl)
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>> bret: president obama met with congressional leaders today as they continue to seek a consensus healthcare reform bill behind closed doors. after ward, house speaker nancy pelosi said they are very close to resolving their differences. >> we've had a very intense couple of days with meetings in our leadership, meetings with our staff. after our leadership meeting this morning, our staff engaged with the senate and the administration staff to review the legislation, suggest legislative language. i think we're very close to reconciliation. >> nebraska democratic senator ben nelson now says it was a mistake for the administration to take on massive healthcare reform last year. nelson reached out the a fr
6:24 pm
freemont nebraska, newspaper and said in an interview the efforts would have been better spent on the economy. he provided a key vote for the senate version of healthcare legislation after winning financial concession for his state. california republican governor schwarzenegger turned his back on the healthcare reform effort. the governor final state of the state address included his feelings that current healthcare bills placed too much burden on the struggling state governments. calling the reform movement "a trough of bribes, deals and loopholes." >> california's congressional delegation should either vote against this bill, it's a disaster for california, or get in there and fight for the same sweetheart deal that senator nelson of nebraska got for the cornhusker state. because he -- [ applause ] because that senator got for the cornhusker state the corn and we got the husk. >> bret: there is no debate that healthcare reform is
6:25 pm
going to be expensiexpensive. tonight in his series "health countdown: debating the differences," chief washington correspondent jim angle looks at how house and senate reform legislation proposes to pay the bills. >> president obama pledged he would not sign a healthcare bill that increased the deficit or cost more than $900 billion. and lawmakers say that is what they delivered. >> the president and we and the senate pledged that this will be paid for, it will bring down costs, and it will bring down the deficit. >> it wasn't easy. democratic leaders in both houses just kept massaging the numbers until they fit. the congressional budget office and cbo is required to score what congress says it will do without regard for weather the lawma weather the lawmakers will do it. when they told cbo they'd raise hundreds of billion in revenue and cut $500 billion from medicare over ten years the cbo said that course of action would reduce the deficit by more than $130 billion. >> there is a number of
6:26 pm
things that make that implausible, dubious. >> such as expanding medicaid, shifting some cost to cash-strapped states or double counting savings in medicare, by saying they'd extend the life of the program, but also spending the money elsewhere. >> you it wi literally can't sp the same dollar twice. it won't work. >> then there is the doctor fix in medicare, a move to undo the previous effort to reduce medicare spending. under the current law, dockerors seeing the elderly will have a fee cut next year. they were worried about the effect so they removed it from the reform bill. >> the biggest hole in financing they left out the doc fix. if it were counted the bill shifts from reducing the deficit to make it worse because the doc fix would cost $210 billion. congress still has to fix it anyway, so the house passed it separately, but simply
6:27 pm
added the cost to the deficit, which troubles democratic centrists. >> the question is how will that be financed, or will it be financed? i think that is an open question. >> the cuts to doctors and earlier attempt to cut the medicare spending never took eeffect, which is why critics are skeptical. as the new reforms kick in, the medicare falls in huge financial trouble as the baby boomers retire. one analyst says it's hard to imagine a worst time to roll the dice on increasing the deficit. >> informative, part four tomorrow. thank you. >> a private trade group says the u.s. service sector returned to growth last month, aided by the holiday season retail sales. new orders expand and business activity grew. the stocks were mixed again today. the dow gained one and two-third. the s&p was up 2/3. the nasdaq lost 7 2/3. the speaker of the house turns up her nose at transparency. why are the president and the first lady on these
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advertisements? are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. nancy pelosi took at what many called a swipe at president obama on tuesday. when a report asked if c interests span video crews would have access to the house-senate negotiations on health care reform legislation, as then candidate obama promised
6:32 pm
numerous times on the campaign trail. the speaker had a quick response. >> really? well, there are a number of things there were said. >> a pelosi aide later said the remark was a equip and not a jab at anyone. the white house thinks the newest ad campaign from the animal rights group, people for the ethical treatment of animals is anything but fabulous. the peta poster including celebrities, along with a smiling, as you see here, michelle obama for its fur, free and fabulous ad. the administration maintains the group has no right to use the first lady's image despite the fact that mrs. obama does not wear fur. the white house is dealing with the same issue on a different advertisement involving the president. weatherproof garment company is using the photograph taken during the president's visit at the great wall of china in which he's wearing one of its jackets.
6:33 pm
they declare him a leader in style on a large time square poster, but admits it did not get permission from the white house. even if the ad is scrapped as the white house has asked for the billboard to come down, the apparent goal of gaining attention for the product has already been met. a few moments ago, obama spokesman said, quote, this ad is clearly misleading because the company suggests the approval or endorsement of the president or the white house that it does not have. the folks who make a living wading through government red tape for you will have to do a little bit more with that in order to keep doing it. molly henneberg reports on some new rules for your tax men. >> reporter: the obama administration believes the people who prepare your tax returns need some government supervision and the irs is just the agency to do it. starting in 2011, these regulations will be phased in over the next several years. tax preparers will have to register are the irs, reregister
6:34 pm
every three years, and pay a user fee for registering each time, likely passed on to consumers. they'll have to pass a excessy test and they'll have to take 15 hours a year of continuing education courses. lawyers and certified public accountants are exempt from some of these regulations because they're already licensed by other agencies. irs commissioner says the regulations will bring consistency to a largely unregulated industry, telling reporters on monday, quote, we think this incredibly important to the entire tax system that when people pay good money for a tax return preparer, they don't get bad advice. but taxpayer advocates say testing tax preparers doesn't necessarily mean consumers can rest assured. >> when you have a moving target such as the tax law, testing people on their knowledge of it is going to be very, very difficult. so when it comes to certifying preparers, this is a matter of weeding out the worst law
6:35 pm
breakers rather than the imcompetence. >> some say it's a starting to after the inscrupulous tax preparers who may disappear if the client gets audited. >> typically we find these type in shopping centers or just in offices that set up for the tax season only. >> there is no minimum standards of knowledge experience that are required prior to you hanging up a shingle and preparing taxes. >> reporter: even though the new irs regulations do not take effect this year, the irs says this tax season its agents will be going around to various tax preparations businesses, sometimes posing as taxpayers to see if those companies are providing accurate service. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> terror suspects released from guantanamo bay are heading back to the battlefield at a much higher rate than we thought. we'll find out what this all means in three minutes.
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the vast majority of those who have been transferred have not returned to the battle. that said, even one is a problem and so we are taking extraordinary measures to try to mitigate the risk associated with transferring these detainees. >> we are committed to closing guantanamo bay. you heard the president enunciate clearly that one of the explicit reasons mentioned in very early recruiting material from al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula was guantanamo bay. >> several senior sources now confirm to fox news that one in five detainees who have been released have returned to the fight against the u.s., or suspected of returning to the battle, quoting the sources. that's a significant jump from
6:40 pm
april when the last report about recidivism came out and two have taken over leadership positions in the operation of al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that's the group in yemen that is claiming responsibility for the attempt to bring down flight 253 on christmas day. what about all this and the closing of gitmo? let's bring in our panel. steve hayes, syndicated columnist charles. charles. >> when you hear gibbs talk about guantanamo bay as a recruiting tool, this is what we hear over and over again. i mean, it's as if he knows no history at all. the list of grievances that al-qaeda has is endless and replenishing. when osama bin laden declared war on the united states officially in 1996 and 1998, the two top reasons were, the occupation of the holy places, mecca and medina, and second, the suffering of the iraqi
6:41 pm
people under saddam hussein. well, there are no soldiers, american soldiers in saudi arabia anymore and none in iraq. but the war continues. these excuses are endless. bin laden sometimes starts the speech by saying in the name of spain in portugal. it was muslim until it fell in 1492. guantanamo bay isn't going to undo that. the idea that we ought to send people when we have a rate of recidivism of 20% over all, but probably extremely high, much higher than that, for yes, ma'amen and saudi arabia who will rejoin the fight as a way to eliminate excuses which are all that these are, these are not -- these are excuses and not at all grievances. it's because al-qaeda hates our way of life, our independence, our respect of women and the threat it poses to the fanatical kind of islam that they are
6:42 pm
advocating. >> the administration, the president promise to do close guantanamo bay, but stopped sending yes, ma'am -- yemeni nationals back. half are from yemen. >> there are 200 remaining and supposedly 80 are from yemen. so we're going to have a stated policy that we're going to close guantanamo bay. it's clearly not going to happen in obama's first year as he promised. it's going to be an indefinite, probably never to be completed goal of his. >> you really believe it will never be closed? >> on the basis, where is he going to put them? n thompson, illinois. >> you're going to put 200 people all around the country? maybe. but congress, i don't think congress is going to want them in the united states. it's going to be -- not in my backyard problem. so i think that he is going to have this stated policy and he'll get rid of those that he can get rid of and parcel them out here and there, but
6:43 pm
ultimately, i think guantanamo bay is going to stay open for the foreseeable future. >> here is what the administration told major garrett about this recidivism. we have been given no information about detainees that those released by this administration returned to the battlefield. pointing back to the bush administration releases. >> it's clearly a political point. at one point in march when president obama appeared on 60 minutes, he criticized the bush administration for being too lenient and too lax in releasing detainees from guantanamo bay. why then would they exacerbate the problem by continuing to release detainees from gitmo? it doesn't make any sense. robert gibbs said something else from the podium that is not true. he said that there was never a plan from
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finally, it's shaping up to be a brutal winter all over the country, with many hit hard by blizzards and frigid temperatures, which is why this ad from overseas that our staff tracked down probably hits home for a lot of folks right here in the u.s. right about now. oh, man. the other car. thanks. that's it for this special report. fair, balanced and unafraid. special


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